Our Haunted Travels Location Collection
Collection of Photos From The Lorraine Motel a.k.a. National Civil Rights Museum <a href='collection-of-photos-from-the-lorraine-motel-a.k.a.-national-civil-rights-museum.html'> more details >> </a> Tower of Voices - Flight 93 Memorial <a href='tower-of-voices-flight-93.html'> more details >> </a> 1856 Pickles and Ketchup <a href='1856-pickles-and-ketchup.html'> more details >> </a>
Collection of Photos From Old City Gates <a href='collection-of-photos-from-old-city-gates.html'> more details >> </a> Selfie Taken Inside the of Ceely Rose House <a href='ceely-rose-house-selfie.html'> more details >> </a> Selfie Taken in Front of Steam Ferry Berkeley <a href='steam-ferry-berkeley-selfie.html'> more details >> </a>
Collection of Photos From Ash Lawn - Highland <a href='collection-of-photos-from-ash-lawn---highland.html'> more details >> </a> Collection of Photos From President Garfield's Monument <a href='collection-of-photos-from-president-garfields-monument.html'> more details >> </a> Abraham Lincoln Tomb <a href='tomb-of-abraham-lincoln.html'> more details >> </a>


The purpose of the Our Haunted Travels Location Collection is serve as an on-line museum of all of the artifacts, books, special photographs, and other items associated with the hundreds of historical and haunted locations we have visited across the country. If you would like to find out more about “Our Haunted Travels”, please be sure to check out our website.

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