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  • Collection of Photos From Monticello
    We have taken many photos while at Monticello and have uploaded them to an on-line photo album on Google Photos so that can be shared, viewed, and archived.
    Item Type: Online Photos (1225)
  • Paying our Respects to Thomas Jefferson
    Located on the grounds of Monticello is the Monticello Graveyard, and the final resting place of Thomas Jefferson. We visited this location in July of 2017 and payed our respects.
    Item Type: Blog Post (1709)
  • Selfie Taken in Front of Monticello
    We took this photo in front of Monticello when we visited the location in July of 2017. Monticello was always one of those locations that we wanted to visit some day, and we had our chance in the summer of 2017 we traveled down through Virginia. It was pretty cool to get our picture taken standing in from of the back of a nickle, and what most people don't realize, this is the back of the house.
    Item Type: Selfie (1340)
  • Selfie Taken in Thomas Jefferson's Grave
    We took this photo in front of Monticello when we visited Monticello in July of 2017. The Monticello Graveyard is on the same property of Thomas Jefferson's former home, Monticello. You can walk down to the graveyard from the house, or take the transit bus that you need to take back to the visitor center anyways. They do stop at the cemetery on the way back. Of course we had to stop there and have a look.
    Item Type: Selfie (1341)
  • Thomas Jefferson's Grave Site
    We took this photos of Thomas Jefferson's Grave Site when we visited Monticello in July of 2017. The Monticello graveyard not only contains the grave of Thomas Jefferson, but it also has many of his descendants buried within the grounds as well.
    Item Type: Famous Graves (1339)
  • Visiting Thomas Jefferson's Monticello
    In July of 2017, we traveled to Charlottesville, Virginia and headed up to the top of the mountain to visit the former home of the author of the Declaration of Independence and the third President of the United States, Thomas Jefferson.
    Item Type: Blog Post (1707)




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